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The benefits of owning a Mahindra with Eastside Mahindra

January 9, 2024 3:27 am
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New to Mahindra? We provide a run-down on the benefits of owning a Mahindra and what you can expect when it comes to servicing and support.

Mahindra offers a comprehensive ownership experience with a range of services and benefits designed to enhance customer satisfaction. When you buy your Mahindra at Eastside Mahindra, you will be supported by an official Mahindra dealer.

Mahindra 24 HR Roadside Assist provides around-the-clock support for unforeseen incidents. Customers can contact the dedicated helpline on 1800 241 467 at anytime of day for immediate assistance.

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For Mahindra Scorpio and XUV700 owners, there is an impressive 7-year Roadside Assist program, underscoring Mahindra’s focus on customer care. This extended coverage provides added peace of mind on the road.

In addition to the extensive roadside assistance, Mahindra offers generous warranties on its vehicles. The XUV700 and Scorpio boast a long 7-year/150,000 km warranty, providing long-term protection. The PikUp models also come with substantial 5-year warranties.

Capped Price Service Costs bring predictability to upcoming visits. Mahindra models have a clear schedule of service intervals and associated costs for various models. All the exact servicing intervals and costs can be found here.

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For example, the Mahindra XUV700’s Capped Price Service Costs include intervals at 10,000km, 25,000km, 40,000km, and 55,000km. The prices are fixed, providing customers with predictability and eliminating surprises. The Mahindra Scorpio and PikUp models also follow similar service cost structures, including complimentary services at specific intervals.

Your Mahindra ownership experience is just the beginning at Eastside Mahindra. As a Melbourne Mahindra dealer located in the east suburbs, we provide future support with official servicing and parts, giving our customers trusted service for their Mahindra.