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Mahindra’s new ute concept revealed

October 1, 2023 11:37 pm
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An all-new ute might be making its way to Eastside Mahindra if it goes into production!

Mahindra has shown a glimpse of its new ute with the Global Pik Up Concept.

Mahindra took the wraps off their latest concept, code-named Z121, at the Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa, showcasing Mahindra’s visionary path of SUVs and utes.

Designed at Mahindra India Design Studio, the Global Pik Up boasts a rugged design reminiscent of the Scorpio (which you can buy right now, just ask us about it), and a modern aesthetic that’s bound to appeal to dual-cab ute buyers. Compared to the current Pik Up ute, this concept offers a fresh take.

Veejay Nakra, President of the Automotive Sector at Mahindra, shed light on the Global Pik Up’s role in Mahindra’s Go-Global Strategy: “The new Global Pik Up marks a significant step in Mahindra’s Go-Global Strategy. This robust and Tough vehicle, engineered with cutting-edge Technology, is not only Versatile and Capable but also meets high standards of Safety. Our move with the Global Pik Up is poised to not only reinforce our presence in existing markets but also pave the way to new frontiers. It stands as an embodiment of what we aim to offer, an invitation to Live Unlimited, Explore Boundlessly, and Embrace Freedom.”

The Global Pik Up is all set for production around 2025, and an Australian introduction is slated sometime by 2027.

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There are no details yet, but we do know the Scorpio uses Mahindra’ mHawk diesel engine, boasting a 2.2-litre capacity with turbocharged technology generating up to 129kW and 400Nm, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. With its Scorpio ladder-frame underpinnings, the concept promises the same exceptional off-road capabilities, featuring a proper low-range transfer box and various terrain-specific driving modes.

Safety takes center stage with the Global Pik Up, with a suite of advanced features including Level-2 ADAS, Trailer Sway Mitigation, All-Around Airbag Protection, and Drowsy Driver Detection.

R Velusamy, President of Automotive Technology and Product Development, summed up the concept’s engineering prowess, describing it as a fusion of performance, safety, utility, and robust capability.

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“This Global Pik Up from Mahindra, based on the Tough & Versatile New Gen Ladder Frame platform is engineered to deliver performance, safety, utility, and robust capability. The core principles of this concept lie in crafting a multifaceted vehicle for the contemporary era. Its blend of versatility and capability is fortified by state-of-the-art technologies such as Level-2 ADAS, immersive infotainment, and more. We are focused on building a true global pickup that reflects authenticity, with engineering and safety features designed to resonate with the global audience.”

The Global Pik Up will captivate a global audience with rugged looks, authenticity, and cutting-edge technology. We’re excited to witness this new ute arrive in the future. For now let us know at Eastside Mahindra if you’d like to see the capabilities of Mahindra’s new tough ladder-frame chassis in the all-new Scorpio SUV.