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Mahindra Expands with New Parts Centre in Australia

October 10, 2023 12:46 pm
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Mahindra continues back its expansion and confidence in the Australian market, with the opening a brand new Parts Centre located at Queensland. The investment in the new facility means even greater access to parts for Mahindra servicing, and a more expedient turn around.

For owners, official Mahindra servicing is available in Melbourne at Eastside Mahindra – just contact our service department team to learn more!

About the brand-new facility

The new Mahindra Australia Parts Centre expands inventory by introducing more than 200 additional product lines. These additions primarily cater to the needs of Mahindra’s flagship vehicles, the XUV700 and Scorpio SUVs. This expanded parts capacity not only strengthens support for current models but also paves the way for the smooth introduction of future Mahindra vehicle models in Australia.

At the heart of this development is Mahindra’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The Parts Centre’s strategic location and increased inventory aim to reduce turnaround times for parts procurement, providing customers with fast and reliable support. This improvement in customer service is expected to enhance the overall Mahindra ownership experience.

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Australia holds a pivotal role in Mahindra’s “Go Global” vision. The successful launches of the XUV700 and Scorpio SUVs, both of which are available to buyers at Eastside Mahindra, have solidified Mahindra’s position in the Australian automotive landscape.

“Massive news here for Mahindra in Australia,” reckons Australian cricket legend, Matthew Hayden, who is an ambassador for Mahindra. “We’re at our new auto parts centre. It’s almost double the size of our original facility and it’s all about servicing the great new products that are landing here in Australia the XUV700 and the Scorpio. We’re selling more cars these days which means more parts and more opportunities to serve our customers.”

In sync with its growth, Mahindra Australia is actively expanding its dealer network, with the recently opened Eastside Mahindra site conveniently located in east Melbourne and servicing customers from all suburbs, including regional Victoria.

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Eastside Mahindra is part of the well-known Jefferson Group, a family-owned and operated business that is trusted by many Australians.

Ankit Taneja, National Manager of Mahindra Australia, also expressed his enthusiasm about the launch of the new Mahindra Parts facility, considering it a significant milestone for the brand in Australia.

It marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey in Australia, transitioning into awell-known nameplate that will serve many Australian families, tradies and adventurers.

To learn more about what new Mahindra models are on offer, and what great deal we can do for you, contact the team at Eastside Mahindra today.