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How the Mahindra Scorpio is developed for Australia

November 29, 2023 11:52 pm
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The Mahindra Scorpio is more than just an imported vehicle, it is a meticulously tested and engineered SUV, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of Australian terrains and conditions.

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A Third-Generation Platform

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The Scorpio stands on a new third-generation body-on-frame platform, showcasing class-leading structural rigidity, off-road capability, and outstanding on-road manners. Notably, its 4XPLOR intelligent terrain management technology is the backbones of advanced off-road capability. The electric shift-on-the-fly 4-Wheel Drive System allows the Scorpio to seamlessly transition from 2WD mode into a formidable 4WD SUV, showcasing its adaptability to diverse driving conditions.

Local Testing

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Acknowledging the rugged nature of Australia’s landscapes and its diverse weather conditions, Mahindra subjected the Scorpio to an extensive six-month testing period. Three Scorpios were driven across the testing period. Conditions included extreme temperatures, rough terrain, steep inclines, and sharp turns.

With a 2500kg braked towing capacity, tow testing was in scorching 45+-degree heat and enduring consecutive 17-18 hour driving days. Notably, one Scorpio underwent an impressive 10,000-kilometre non-stop test on dirt roads.

“Thorough testing is critical to our launch planning,” said Head of Mahindra Asia Pacific, International Operations, Joydeep Moitra.

“We conducted extensive testing of the flagship SUV in Australia, covering 120,000 kilometres since October last year. A team of engineers gathered daily data and provided feedback to the design teams on the performance of the cars in tough Australian conditions. These SUVs have performed exceptionally well. This testing has ensured that the Scorpio is well-suited for the Australian market and sets the stage for Mahindra to strengthen its position as a global SUV-maker.”

Experience the Mahindra Scorpio Yourself

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Step inside the new Mahindra Scorpio yourself and see what all of the hype is about! At Eastside Mahindra, we proudly offer this stylish 4×4 SUV, with test drive and more available onsite at our conveniently located Mahindra dealership in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Nunawading.